(Video) I didn’t invite any actress to meet and greet Cardi B, it was just a few Artiest – Becca

There have been huge uproar on social media sparking a trolling war between Ghana and Nigeria after American pop star Cardi B visited both countries over the weekend.

With what has now been tagged as Cardi B vrs Slavengers in Ghana, most social media uses have pointed fingers on most celebrities who were engaged in the meet and greet Cardi B brouhaha and one of the most talked about, is Ghanaian singer Becca.

Becca in an interview on Hitz Fm has engaged that she did not invite all the female celebrities who were seen at the Kempinski Hotel last Sunday.

Being one of Ghana’s successful female musicians, Becca disclosed that her role was to connect her “little” sisters which were the upcoming art and most of the female art to Cardi B during her private “Meet and Greet” with the American rapper hence the reason she invited her fellow female artistes and a few friends.

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